Aris Alexopoulos


Professor of Political Analysis and Methodology in the Department of Political Science, University of Crete.

He studied Physics and Economics in the University of Athens. He has obtained a MSc in Public Policy and Administration and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Southampton (UK). He holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence.

His research interests include:
Veto Players & Public Policy Analysis, EU Political Systems, the Regulatory Role of the State, Corruption, Comparative Politics & Neoinstitutional Analysis.

His teaching interests include: Public Policy Analysis, EU Policy making, Game Theory, Rational Choice Institutionalism, Comparative Politics, Comparative Methodology.

In the public sector he has served as Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change (03/2011-07/2012) and as policy advisor to several ministers' cabinets. In  the private sector has over ten years experience as a free-lancer in organizational restructuring and change management.

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